GDP Audits of supply chain of medicinal products

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almacenGDP compliance audits are performed according to guidelines in effect (UE 2013/C343/01) in which the Good Distribution Practices of human medicines are establish.





Within the reach of this guideline are all the activities related to distribution of a medicinal product:

  • Wholesalers Warehouses
  • Contract Warehouses: third parties
  • Warehouses of medicinal under control or customs surveillance
  • Shippers
  • Manufacturers and importers
  • Auditors with accredited experience
  • Auditors in staff
  • Local support in projects in India or China
  • Tailor made Audits
  • CAPAS follow-up until closure

Audits Process:

Information collection

To obtain the required information for the audit:

  • New provider or follow-up audit
  • In case of a new provider: development of a questionnaire to collect information prior to the audit
  • Technical agreement in effect
  • Historic (batches, complaints, …)
  • Additional information

Planning and Execution


  • Date and agenda setting
  • Audit execution
  • Audit Summary: provided one week after the audit
  • Final report writing. An initial draft is reviewed with the client to establish the significance of the observations and explain the audit development, this draft will be sent prior to 15 days to the client
  • Once accepted, the final report is sent to the client prior to 1 month, along with an audit summary with observations and conclusions


After final report is sent:

  • Submission to provider of a summary of observations
  • Consensus with provider on CAPAS to perform
  • Periodic follow-up of CAPAS until closure


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