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Audinnova is aware of the changing environment in which the pharmaceutical industry finds itself, a sector in which excellence is its goal.

Audinnova bets for a change in the audit model known until now, going one step further. We must be the eyes of the client, looking after their needs, from the beginning to the end of the process.

We offer coverage of the entire life cycle of the audit, from agreeing the date of the audit in an exchange of information between the parties involved, through the carrying out of the audit and issuance of the report, to the monitoring of the CAPAs to its closure and Audit Closure.

We provide a real solution to the client’s problems.

Audinnova creates a new concept of audit based on its values

Competitive prices




The quality of our work is guaranteed by our team of professionals, including highly qualified auditors with an extensive experience and a wide knowledge of the health sector.

Ensuring the confidence of our clients in our work is a fundamental base to provide a satisfactory service that achieves customer expectations. We offer a direct and close contact with the client, making them participate in each point of the process. The objective is knowing their real needs.

Innovation in our work is aligned with the current environment of our sector. We particularly adapt to each audit to offer the best value for money.

Born from the shared vision between leading companies in the sector (Azierta, Qualipharma, Pharma Inntegra Solutions S.L. and Maas & Peither), Audinnova was founded in 2017 by experts, who make us continue to grow in quality every day, aligned with new regulations.

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