A new Audit Concept

A new Audit Concept

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Audinnova is a new audit concept that emerges from the shared vision of Azierta, Qualipharma and Maas & Peither on the need for a model of audits aligned with the current environment and the real needs of the clients, with know how, closeness and added value. Our mission is to align ourselves with our customers, being aware of the challenges imposed by a constantly changing environment, and providing quality solutions at reasonable prices.


The basis of these evaluations is to perform a GAP analysis of those laboratories internally implementing a quality system.

This audit can be performed at the beginning of the project, during the implementation process or as a result of deficiencies detected by the laboratory itself or by a third party. The result of this audit will be an action plan to achieve certification in the quality system.

  • GMP quality system assessment Part I or II
  • GDP quality system assessment (API or medicinal products)
  • ISO UNE-EN-ISO22716 quality system assessment (Good manufacturing practice (GMP) of cosmetics)
  • EISO13485 quality system assessment (Medical Devices)
  • ISO 15.378 quality system assessment (Immediate packaging material)



Audinnova has a group auditors with proven experience in healthcare industry.

We also have local partners in Asian markets (India, China and Southeast Asia) to ensure optimal development of audits performed in this geographical area.


1. Kick-off Meeting

Meeting with client to collect the required information for the audit.

  1. New provider or follow-up
  2. Technical Agreements
  3. Previous Audits
  4. Observations and CAPAS status
  5. Historic
  6. Specifications
2. Audit Execution

After the information collection the audit is planned and executed.

  1. Submission of the previous questionnaire to the provider (new provider)
  2. Agenda setting
  3. Audit Execution
  4. Audit summary
  5. Final report and conclusions
3. Audit Follow-up

After final report is sent:

  1. Submission to provider of a summary of observations
  2. Consensus with provider on CAPAS to perform
  3. Periodic follow-up of CAPAS until closure